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ABC Nursery &Preschool
                                                      January 2017 Newsletter
Happy new year
From all of us at the Nursery we would like to wish all parents and children a very happy and prosperous new year. We would also like to thank all the parents and children for all their cards and gifts they gave to us.

This month we are saying a big Happy Birthday to Frieda Keil  who will be 2 year old on the 23rd , Edison Anstey and Nahla Wheeler who will be 3 years old on 14th , Harry Roberts who will be 3 years old on the 21st , Lily Avent who will be 4 years old on the 24th Willow Maher who will be 4 years old on 16th and Louis Macintosh who will be 4years old on 18th  of January.

Severe Weather Conditions
As we enter into the Winter season the weather will no doubt change too. In the extreme weather conditions we make not be able to open the Nursery as normal and will in this case make every attempt to inform the parents via updating our Nursery website, which is or contacting the parents directly and updating the Tapestry link. Please dial the Nursery telephone number too which is 01277362211 to check if the Nursery is open on the day in the case of extreme weather conditions.

P.E  lessons in pre-school
The PE lessons will recommence on 10th January and will then take place on Wednesday 18th Thursday 26th  Friday 22nd of January. Please ensure your child has the PE KIT ready at the Nursery on these days.

Antibiotics policy
Just a reminder that our medicine policy states that children with antibiotics prescription there is an exclusion of 48 hours from the prescribed date.

Outdoor activities
As the weather is still cold can parents bring in appropriate clothing for the children to be able to play outdoors.

What to expect, when?
The government has released a very useful document. The purpose of this document is to help parents/carers to find out more about how your child is learning and developing in the first five years in relation with the Early Year Foundation Stage. To get a free copy follow the link



Forthcoming events
January 2017
27th Chinese New Year -Year of the Rooster
February 2017
14th  February – St Valentine’s Day,  13th -17th  February – Midterm holiday (Nursery open for full time and holiday provision, 28th  February -Pancake day.
March 2017
1st  St David’s day, 2nd  March- World Book Day (book soap and parents invited for reading sessions), 13th March 2017-Holi Festival,  26th  – Mothering Sunday, 24th  Tea party for mums, 30th  Easter Bonnet parade and Easter egg hunt(open event)