Baby room 3 months -2 years

Our priority for our youngest children is to provide a caring and nurturing environment. We will ensure your child settles well into the nursery from the onset, focussing on providing a comfortable and safe and stimulating environment. Your baby will be allocated a Key Person who will  ensure that routines such as nappy changing and feeding and settling to sleep are opportunities for ‘one to one’ time, and are consistent with your routines at home.

Our Baby Room offers a cosy environment where babies can play, rest and sleep. We have a separate sleeping area and your baby can enjoy a nap at any time of the day in a quiet and cosy environment. Our staff will spend quality time with your child by interacting, talking and playing .devote uninterrupted time to playing and talking with your baby. We hold a variety of activities such as messy play, music time, heuristic play, treasure baskets, s and plenty of play opportunities, indoor and outdoor.

Toddlers room 2& 3 years old

Our toddler room is divided into 2 rooms, which has a free flow access into each other to provide plenty of room for young children to explore and mix together learning through play; however we will sometimes close the connecting doors with the baby gate to divide activities into different groups.. As the children in the baby room progress, children begin to show an increasing independence and obvious pleasure in moving, communicating and learning through play, so around the time of their second birthday we will arrange inductions for the child and parents to make transitions smooth and happy for all. In the toddlers room children have a slightly more structured routine to their day whilst learning through a wide range of fun activities and experiences planned for their continued learning and development by their key person who will get to know them really well.


Preschool room (3&5 years old)

As the children approach the term of their third birthday, in discussion with parents/carers and staff, children will start a transition period from the toddler room into our pre-school room. In the pre-school room there is a wider focus on specific areas of learning – Literacy, Math’s, Understanding of the World and Expressive Arts and Design as well as continuing development in the prime areas.

The pre-school children follow activities from the Letters and Sounds curriculum which is continued in reception class when they start school. A lot of work and care goes into ensuring that the children are prepared for the next step of starting school. We have excellent links with the local first schools, and lots of transition activities take place throughout the pre-school year and we aim to work closely with you as parents during this important time.